Straits Area Sportsmen's Club Members assisted Michigan DNR Biologist with a Fish Health Survey of fish in Brevort Lake in the spring of 2018.  

We will provide the final report when we receive a copy.


Download 2018 Fish Health Survey by MDNR

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2015 Spring & Fall Walleye Survey

Spring Walleye and Fall Walleye Survey

In the spring and fall of 2015 the SASC assisted the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians (SSMT), the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians (LTBB) and the United States Forest Service (USFS) conducting a spring and fall adult walleye population estimate in Brevoort Lake according the draft 1836 Ceded Territory walleye protocol.  The survey was done by using nets and electrofishing at night.  Club Members were on board boats assisting crews during the process.

Click the downloadable link below to read the entire report.


Download 2015 IFWD Brevoort Lake Report

Fish Cribs in Brevort Lake

Additional Information

The following is a report from then President of the Straits Area Sportmen's Club to the Club Members.  

Brevort Lake Fish Habitat Cribs

This synopsis dated, April 10, 2013,is intended as informational background for Members of the Straits Area Sportsmen's Club, the Brevort Lake Association and all other interested parties, especially those fishing Brevort Lake.

Over the span of 11 years from 2003 through 2A13, 209 fish habitat cribs were built to Federal required specifications 8 feet square and 4 feet high.  Each winter of that period, cribs were constructed on the ice and sunk in Brevort Lake in approved separate locations throughout the lake. lf these separate cribs were laid end to end, they would constitute a reef L,672 feet long or over the length of 5 football fields.

The total crib materials consisted of 100 pulpwood cords of hardwood, 2508 new concrete blocks, and 420 Christmas trees and over 10,000 large spikes. The actual total construction required over 2,122 man-hours and over 1,007 equipment hours.

This does not include the hours of paperwork for permits and other related communications. This entire fish crib construction project consisted of a substantial financial and Iabor commitment from all parties involved including the following: The Straits Area Sportsmen's Club, The Brevort Lake Association and The Hiawatha National Forrest. There was also a 5 year Stewardship Contract with Nelson Logging and Maverick Construction, lnc. furnished concrete blocks free of charge for the last 2 years. Technical and oversight support was furnished by

Chuck Basset, Hiawatha National Forrest Fisheries Manager, and his assistant, Jon

Reattor. A special thanks to Bill Lowetz for providing the best hot chili meals with his traveling kitchen every winter on the ice at each construction site.

These log cribs that also function as individual reefs will last up to 50 years underwater and should provide good habitat and fishing spots for a number of angler generations to come. Maps of each crib location are available with GPS coordinates at Ace Hardware and K&V Grocery in Moran, Ml.

Thanks Much to All,

Louis M. Colegrove, President-SASC